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Cape Tea Co, established in 2015, is an exciting company in the organic tea industry, specialising in the production of premium quality packaged tea products.


Our teas are all organically grown and indigenous to South Africa.

Cape Tea Co’s latest development is the Mandela Tea range. Created in collaboration with the Long Walk to Freedom project, this range of organic packaged tea products is made using the very best ingredients sourced from various growing regions in South Africa.


Mandela Teas are the best organic tea packaged products on the market today.


The company is firmly committed to the promotion of social development projects and initiatives, and to linking South African business and sustainable education for all South Africans. To this end, a percentage of the profits of Mandela Tea goes directly to the Mandela Day School Library Project.


We are committed to the promotion and improvement of the levels of education in South Africa, equal opportunities for personal empowerment, and the chance for those who benefit to pass on this gift to others. After all, equal education leads to equality throughout society.


So it’s reassuring to know that, with every box of Mandela Tea you purchase, you’re playing a part in the future of our wonderful country, a future in which children and adults are educated, individual strengths are encouraged, and we move ahead together.

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